Ralph L. Wickiser Exhibition, NYC

If you’re in New York, check out an exhibition of paintings by the artist Ralph Wickiser (1910-1998) at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in Chelsea through May 16.

Mr. Wickiser was an abstract modernist painter, photographer, and noted educator who founded the fine arts graduate program at the Pratt Institute and also wrote several of the most popular art education books of his time. While at Pratt, he headed a department whose faculty included Franz Kline, Jacob Lawrence, Roy Lichtenstein and Philip Pearlstein. During his lifetime, Mr. Wickiser’s work was exhibited all over the country, and his friends included Milton Avery and Mark Rothko.

Ralph L. Wickiser , "Straylight", Oil on canvas, 47" x 70", 1983

My favorite paintings combine abstraction and realism and depict the explosion of color and movement found in moving streams.  The reflected water with its underlying, swirling mass of living and decaying organic matter is simply stunning. The paintings in this show are worth the trip.

Walter Wickiser Gallery
210 Eleventh Ave. Suite 303
New York, New York