Artist Statement

I am a gardener of strangeness in the true sense of Baudelaire. For me, art is a puzzle, each piece beautiful, strange, and unique, slowly forming a larger image as we begin to understand its logic and intoxicating beauty.  My engagement with the natural world has led me to believe that we can be sustained through playful care, reverence, and stewardship of the world around us.  It is my goal as an artist to cultivate curiosity and encourage the discovery of beauty in the strangest of places.

As a child I watched my mother’s skillful hands cut and combine fabrics for quilts and clothes, always finding a place in the pattern for discarded scraps.  The metamorphosis of materials and shapes taught me the value of pruning.  I learned that the sensual pleasure in tending an idea does not end with the last stitch, but rather endures as a gift or as the fruits of our labor.

My current body of work is like deviating from a familiar forest path and discovering the fallen garden.  Each piece skirts the border between the real and the imagined like a memory that may have been a dream.  I create my work through blending paint with photographic images, bearing witness to nature in all its wonder and fragility.  I intend for my work to remind us of a garden we love but are just beginning to know.